The car I really want to be driving!!

The car I really want to be driving!!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

no new job yet

Well, since I am out of money, my cards are all maxed out and I haven't gotten my good job yet, I am going out of town again, still working for the concrete company. I talked to the owner briefly on Sunday and told him that I didn't know when his office was open because every time I had gone by to check the schedule or pick up my checks the door was always locked. He told me someone is supposed to be there at 8 but is often late and they leave at 3. They really wanted me to go to Yuma with them but they thought I had quit since I hadn't talked to anyone lately. He told me they were going out of town on Wednesday and I said I would go. I still am hoping for a better job, but I am feeling really stressed about things and I feel like I have no choice to keep working here until something better happens, no matter how much this job stinks. They have changed the way the hours and money made appears on the paychecks again so it is hard to figure out what is what, but if I work from 6 to 6 Wednesday to Friday, I will expect to take home about $250. That is better than nothing I guess. Well it is way past my bedtime since I have to get up in about 5 hours, I better go. I will keep in touch as my schedule allows.

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DebraPants said...

Geez. I thought you were still working there, and then I talked to Mom last night on the phone, and she thought you'd quit. I guess you do what you have to do until you find something else. I really hope and pray that you do find something else... and soon!