The car I really want to be driving!!

The car I really want to be driving!!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Job search update

Ok. Here is the latest info for those that care.
I applied to work at Discover Card about 2 weeks ago. The interview went well, but I was honest with the interviewer and told them that this was going to be a second job if a 1st job ever came around, that was why I wanted night shift. Everything was ok, but they weren't sure about my commentment to them should a good job come along. I promised that I would stay there at least 1 year if they would hire me and they said they would get back to me. Well this last Thursday, they offered me a job. I will start on the 18th of January in the Marketing Services Department. Basically, when a person gets a card and has to call the number to activate their card, they will be calling me. At that time, it is my job to verify they are who they are supposed to be and I am supposed to offer them additional services like insurance against job loss, or identity theft, etc. I will be eligible for insurance benefits right away and will be making over $10 an hour. Those are nice things. So for sure I have a job now.
Heather and I drove around Bell road from Hayden (Bell is Frank Lloyd Wright at that intersection--in Scottsdale) and headed to 93rd Ave. (which is the Arrowhead area of Peoria) and wrote down every automobile dealership along the way. I am going to be trying to get a job at any of these 1st before I start driving to south Phoenix looking for work. We say a Mercedes-Benz dealership in the Arrowhead area that is brand new and advertising out front that they were now open. I went back with a shirt and tie and left a resume. The lady I spoke with really seemed like she wanted to help me get a job there and asked me to call back on Friday to speak with the Service Manager. Right now, the service department isn't even open yet. They have 2 service writers hired right now, but will eventually want 6. It will open on the 28th of January. It seems like this could be a good opportunity for me to get my foot in the door. I could see myself working here forever and setting up roots, and I have always loved Mercedes and this would be an awesome opportunity for me and my family. I tried to talk with the Service Manager on Friday, but in the morning he was busy helping some customers and I was told I should call back later, but that didn't work out as he was still busy. Because of the fact that this is a new store, he is actually working at another store also and had to go there too, so I tried to contact him over there later in the day, but only got his voice mail. I will try to call him back on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday etc., until I get to talk to him. Hopefully, he will see fit to give me a chance to work for him. I love the look of the place, the location isn't too far from home and I just really want this. So for those of you who feel like praying for me and my family, please pray for this. If it happens or doesn't happen, I will let you know the details when I know something. Thanks for reading and keeping up with all of this.
It seems like maybe things will be starting to turn around after the fire after all. We have heard that the house in Minnesota has finally been finished, and we can officially sell it now. We haven't heard anything from the adjuster since August 23rd and are out of money even though they still owe us. Now that I have some job prospects, maybe we can start to move forward again. Our fingers are crossed.


DebraPants said...

I'm glad to hear the latest news, and I will keep you guys in my thoughts and prayers and keep my fingers crossed for you.

Is Discover now in Scottsdale? I thought it was in Glendale or somewhere near I-17.

Glad you don't have to work for that dishonest construction manager anymore! Whatever you do, don't work yourself to death!

Skot the Fabulous said...

Sorry I wasn't too clear. Discover is about 2-3 miles from my house. It is around 23rd ave and loop 101. Not too far.

DebraPants said...

That's what I was thinking. I was just wondering because of where you talked about looking at car dealerships. But I think that area would be a nice one to work.