The car I really want to be driving!!

The car I really want to be driving!!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Not doing my job here.....

My wife says I don't blog enough!! I know, I know, I don't. I can admit it. Sometimes it just seems so overwhelming to me to have to sit down and think of something to say, and then find the time to devote to writing it. Then, I don't write for a while and then there is too much to say, and I have to figure out what I want to omit in my update....... It is a vicious cycle. I will try to update. You all need to remember that in real life, I tend to be a storyteller and include ALL the details, so this is really hard for me. lol (feel sorry for me here) I am writing this the same way I would tell it to you if you were standing in front of me usually. The only difference is every once in a while I will delete paragraphs. (be thankful because I am shortening the story) LOL.

Once upon a time, there was this guy.......

How about that? Short and sweet. J/K

Things I can update job, my family, my church calling. I will leave the family updates to my wife, cause she does such a good job at it. If you don't know it, she is listed as one of the blogs I check. I bet you can pick which one it is!! She is much better at blogging than I am and she is also a good story teller. She make me laugh reading the updates so I am sure you would enjoy them also. So that leaves me with my work and my church calling.

Lets start with the job. I have worked at Sun Devil Auto now for almost 3 months. It is still a good job. Last month, the man that hired me came out to my store and told the manager that he was taking me out to lunch. I was all like....ok. Sure. (Am I getting fired? Am I being promoted? What did I do? Maybe I really screwed something up....what was it?) Long story short, (no I didn't delete anything here) he said, "I want you to know that we have to let some people in the company go, but that isn't you. I don't want you to worry about your job." He then went on to tell me that he thought I was doing a good job and he had only heard good things about me. He did tell me that I was going to have to start sharing my time between stores. I would work M,W,F at one store and T,TH at another store. Neither store was making enough money to have a full time employee there but they were making enough to need more than what they have. So basically for the last month I have be giving someone a day off at each store, but I also have been learning a lot. Each store is run differently, and I get the opportunity to see these different ways and can form my own opinions on how I want to run my store when I get it. This last week I was asked to help give days off at yet another store and again see more differences. I like this ability to see and learn the different approaches but I miss the stability of knowing where my "home" store is and building relationships with my regular customers. I now have regular customers at 3 different stores! I really like being able to help people and I think the customers can see that I truly like helping them and I think that makes a difference. A couple of weeks ago, the man who hired my (who btw is named Dan) showed up at the store I was working at just because and while he was there told me to thank my dad for sending me to apply to work for them. What a neat complement! He then said twords the end of the month we would get together and talk about my permenant salary. (That hasn't happened yet, but I suspect it may happen on Tuesday.)
Today at work, I swear I had multiple "crazy" customers. People on the phone just asking random questions and other people needing me to be "his homie" (I think that is how to spell it.) Today was busy and then with everything else that went on, I just get overwhelmed trying to think how to tell you without going overboard. Suffice it to say, I think I was phone shopped by the company ( to make sure I am doing my job the way they want me to ) at least 3 different times in 1 hour. It was funny. Trust me, and I will just leave it at that.

My church calling is still as Sunday School President. I got things straightened out shortly after I took over, got every class organized as it was supposed to be, got them all teachers, and it was good.....for about 2 weeks. Then one of the teachers that I had inhereted was no longer going to be a teacher because she had a new calling and it was going to be to difficult for her to do them both, so I told her not to worry, I would cover it for her. I got another teacher for her and again things were good for a couple of months. If you are not familiar with the Mormon church, the church is run by volunteers. No one is paid to do this and we are given callings to do certain things, like be teachers or run the Sunday School. Well, from time to time, someone in a different area will need help and call someone to their area and usually that means the give up the first calling to accept the second. Well that happened about 1 month ago again, so I need to find a new teacher. One of the teachers that I already have, informs me that she only has 2 boys in her class and they would really rather be in another class because they feel uncomfortable being all alone. So I combine the 2 classes together and move the one teacher over to teach the other class. (I am so smart, I think.) Problem solved. Last week I am told "oh and by the way, we are taking 2 more people from you." So now I am back to looking for help again. It is a never ending process sometimes. I think I know what I am going to do, but I have to run it by the bishop first and get approval. We shall see.

So anyways, I think that is enough for now. If you made it this far, wow. I am impressed, you must really want to know, and I thank you for your interest. Feel free to give me heck if you want to, but I really will try to post more so they can be shorter posts!! (I don't have any idea what happened to the camera, but if it turns up and I can find the cable to download the pics to the pc, I will get somemore on here, one way or the other. Hey, I have 6 kids remember?!? lol )


Mrs.Flabby and Unfabulous said...

WOOHOO! awesome update hun. I love you
Mrs. F

Derek and Laura Lofgreen said...

I am so happy your job is going great. When do you guys want to come over to swim? Summer's slipping by.

Debra said...

When are you going to update your blog? I have waited long enough! :P